Peartree Engineering Wheels

Peartree engineering wheels
Peartree engineering wheels

Model railways mean different things to different people. When some people thing of model railways, they think of simple sets designed for children, perhaps with fantastical trains taken from popular tv or film franchises. But for the serious model railway enthusiast, a model railway is something created with great care and effort. It represents an investment but is also a creative outlet, a way to create a world in miniature which you can enjoy and appreciate.
For the serious collector and enthusiast, precision is essential. This takes many forms, starting with the precision gauge of the track and following through to the construction of the kits. If you value precision and quality in your model railway system, we recommend Peartree engineering wheels. Peartree engineering wheels are known in the trade for manufacturing high quality, precision engineering wheels that are ideal for the serious enthusiast.
There are two main reasons that we recommend Peartree engineering wheels. The first is the materials that they use, and the second is the manufacturing methods that they use. Taken together, the manufacturing methods and the materials combine to make Peartree engineering wheels the leading choice for your model railway setup.
In terms of materials, Peartree engineering wheels are made of good quality steel, with brass bearings. This makes them ideal for conducting the electrical current whilst also being the hardwearing choice that will last for years. The last thing any enthusiast wants is to have to replace the wheels on their kit because they have worn out or become wobbly.
The other major strength to Peartree engineering wheels is that they are manufactured to a high standard using excellent machining techniques. For example, the wheels are machine turned all over, including on the inner disk. Some manufacturers cut corners on their manufacturing where the part is not visible from the outside, but even the inner wheels are carefully machined. This means that the thickness of the wheel is consistent. This prevents issues caused by an inconsistency of gauge as the wheel turns and guarantees a smooth movement on the tracks.
We only recommend Peartree engineering wheels because we are confident that they are the option that combines high quality with competitive pricing. You should not assume that all the alternatives on the market offer the same choice of excellent quality and competitive prices.
As well as being the suppliers of Peartree engineering wheels you can trust, we also provide a range of other services and options. For example, we stock a wide range of parts and accessories for your model railway system. We also supply ready to run models and offer specialist kit building services. From the smallest couplings through to kits to provide Coach lighting, at CRT Kits we can help you to get the right components and kits.
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