Milk Tank Wagons

Milk tank wagons
Milk tank wagons

Are you looking for milk tank wagons for your model railway setup? CRT Kits supply all the parts, components and kits that you need for your scale railway. This includes options for milk tank wagons. The milk tank wagons that they have in stock are available in different styles and models, depending what period and commercial line you are replicating.
Milk tank wagons were a common sight on many railways in the mid twentieth century. This was a natural progression for railways. Following the expansion of the rail network in the nineteenth century and with government legislation which had standardised and coordinated the organisation of railways, businesses had quickly realised that trains offered the best option for transporting goods quickly and cheaply around the country. This was useful for heavy industries, like coal mining and steel, but also for industries that relied on speed, like the dairy industry. The rail network allowed dairies to move vast quantities of milk over long distances for sale before the milk went sour. Road transport was simply not available to move the required quantities over long distances in a short time.
As a result, milk tank wagons became a common feature on many rail lines. They were an improvement over the simple nineteenth century system where farmers sent the milk in individual milk churns, with a paper label attached so that the churn could be returned to them. The milk tank wagons were a way of transporting large volumes of milk quickly. By the mid twentieth century, all the main railway operators were using milk tank wagons, and although there were some differences between the milk tank wagons used by each company, they all shared the same basic characteristics. The tank was lined with glass, which made it easy to clean for the hygienic transport of milk. Initially the milk tank wagons were simply open tanks into which the milk could be poured. However, this overlooked a key design flaw – as the train moved, the milk churned around inside, which generated sideways force. This had a serious, destabilising effect on the train. After several derailing accidents which were caused by milk tank wagons, the design was changed to have a more stable wheel base and internal baffles, or panels, which prevented the milk from churning as it moved.
Because milk tank wagons were so common on British railways, if your set replicates a twentieth century design, you are likely to want to include one or more milk tank wagons to get the authentic look. The models available at CRT Kits are ideal for creating an accurate scale network complete with milk tank wagons.
As well as milk tank wagons, CRT Kits provide other parts and accessories. They also sell ready to run models that you can put straight onto your track, and they offer kit building services if you want help making your railway kits look just right. For more information, including to make enquiries about milk tank wagons, contact CRT Kits today.