Coach Lighting

Coach lighting
Coach lighting

You have chosen the right kits that you need for your trainline. The gauge of the track is right. You have even chosen the surrounding models to create a station scene. Everything is looking great. But have you thought about the lighting? Coach lighting is a simple yet effective way to bring the whole scene to life. With coach lighting, you can create the illusion that your scale kit is a real, living rail network.
Of course, you may be thinking that this is too complex. Perhaps you are thinking that buying kits to construct your rail network is one thing, but that installing coach lighting is too challenging. But you may be surprised to discover just how easy it is to install coach lighting. Using our coach lighting kits, you can easily install coach lighting to bring your kits to life.
At CRT Kits we specialise in all types of model railway kits, including coach lighting. Our kits are simple but effective. The kit is controlled by a DCC (digital command control) chip which can independently control two different lighting circuits. This gives you the flexibility to have the lights work the way you want them to. The two circuits can be controlled separately. You can also programme the chip to provide an effect. By combining a light effect with a colour of LED you can create a particular light. For example, with a cool white LED and a continual light effect, you can give the look of a modern lighting system for a modern train system. On the other hand, with a warm white you can create the look of incandescent tube lighting on older train models, and by adding a flickering light effect, you can achieve the look of a gas light that provides a fluctuating light source.
Our coach lighting kits do not require separate battery packs or wiring. They draw the current from the tracks, using half-insulated steel wheels. This will work on different types of track, regardless of track polarity. This means that the coach lighting can be installed on different gauges and different types of kit. The coach lighting kits are available with and without wheels, to suit your needs.
Our coach lighting kits are designed to work with our own coaches. If you have bought our coach kits, they will be easy to install. However, they are compatible with many other coach models, so if you have coaches with metal framed bogies, you can install our coach lighting systems. If you need help, we are happy to help, as we provide kit building services so we can assist with your coach lighting needs.
As well as high quality, competitively priced coach lighting kits, we have a wide range of models, kits, parts and accessories available for sale. This includes ready to run models which you can get straight out of the box and onto your track. For more information about coach lighting and our other products, contact us using the details on the website.